How would you feel when you are about to put the key in the keyhole and the main door of your house opens automatically and welcomes you. Would it not be amazing if your refrigerator automatically places an order for your favourite ice-cream at the start of the month. All these are possible because a small device called sensor is taking the feedback and acting as per our need through the network of networks called the internet.
This Internet is capable of connecting smart devices placed on things like the door, refrigerator, vehicles, buildings, and other items, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Key Learnings:

Students can do extraordinary activities by connecting all physical devices through the Internet. The student can create his own IoT Networks with connected devices and can access it from anywhere in the world.
This intensive course helps the participants to learn electronics, sensors, actuators, networking etc and help them to build projects for their own utility as well as a society where they can help a blind person in navigation, an elderly person to open the door etc.

Course Content :
(A) Introduction to the Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things
  • The Basics of Sensors & Actuators

(B) The Arduino Platform

  • The Arduino Open-Microcontroller Platform
  • Arduino Basics
  • Arduino Board Layout & Architecture
  • Reading from Sensors

(C) Programming fundamentals (C language )
(D) Arduino Programming & Interface of Sensors and actuators

  • Interfacing sensors with Arduino
  • Programming Arduino
  • Reading from Sensors
  • Writing to Actuators

During the two week training, the student will be able to use five sensors and five actuators along with Arduino broad.

Some of the interesting projects that can be implemented during the training are:
Project 1: Simple LED Program for Arduino
Project 2: LED Blink Project
Project 3: Displaying Temperature and Humidity of the room on Serial Monitor and LCD Display
Project 4: Smart Street Light System
Project 5: LDR Interfacing
Project 6: LCD Interfacing
Project 7:  Navigation Stick for Blind
Project 8: Smart Dustbin
Project 9: Liquid Level Monitoring System
Project 10: Automatic Plant Watering System

Note: Hands-on kit will be provided during the workshop/training program will be taken back.  Components are taken back just to make the workshop affordable for the participants.
Although, these kit components can be provided to the participants as per their request by giving additional charges. For further details, please contact the coordinators during the workshop.

For more details please leave a message or contact us.

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