“Learn how to fly a Drone”

Module-1: “Drone pilot/flying training”

Module-2: “RC plane flying training”

Duration: 10-12 days


Jarvis Labs brings you an opportunity to understand the basics of drones, how they work and how to fly them safely taking care of all the compliance. This program is specially designed to train students/participants to fly a drone like an expert so that they can pursue their career in the field of Aerospace/Aeromodelling/Drone or can become a full-time Drone pilot.

With an increase in demand for drones in various sectors, there has been a requirement of trained drone pilots/flyers so that various tasks can be done seamlessly.

It is always fun to learn and build something that seems usually beyond our reach at first sight. Come, join us, we will take you to the sky.

Structure of Drone Pilot Training:

  • Introduction to Drones:

Fundamentals of UAVs, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Controls and Structure analysis, types of UAV systems-fixed wing, Multirotor

  • Lecture on Drone regulations:

Brief Lecture on Indian Drone policy and session on government compliance for the usage of drones

  • Virtual flight simulation:

Simulator Flight Training, pre-flight checks, UAV flight technique, Take-off & landing by expert pilots

  • Drone Pilot training:

Individual drone pilot training, real-life drone flying training

Who can participate:

  • Anyone who is willing to become a full/part time Drone pilot/flyer
  • College students who have an interest in drones and are planning to make projects in this field.
  • Those who want to build a career in Drone industry

Giveaway from Jarvis Labs:

  • The study material includes basic information along with all the rules and guidelines to fly a drone.
  • All the participants are provided with the certificate of completion.
  • Future internship or job opportunity with Jarvis Labs.

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